Meet the Team

John Caldie- Founder

My passion for technology was sparked early on. Back in the day, I vividly remember husting for quarters so I could go to the local bowling alley to play pinball and arcade games. I'll never forget waking up Christmas morning in 1977 to an Atari 2600 gifted to my by my parents. Later on in 1981, I was introduced to the IBM 5150 and my love for computers continued to rapidly grow. Over the years, I've collect various gaming and computer systems. 

For the past 24 years I have worked as a high school teacher as an Economics and American Government instructor. In 2014, I created Fossil Computers. What was once a hobby has turned into a full time business that continues to grow and evolve each year. I couldn't be more thrilled with our customers across the country who share my passion for technology and and the dedicated team I work with.